The process

TUSTI laboratory
TUSTI laboratory

High tech cleaning, recycling and processing

The TUSTI high tech recycling process is developed in our laboratories, located in our factory in Montfort, the Netherlands. In this fully equipped lab, our research staff develops new cleaning agents and adjustments to our cleaning process, to enhance cleaning efficiency and expand the range of ‘difficult’ waste streams we can handle.

TUSTI factory
TUSTI factory

Industrial washing/recycling line

Plastics are shredded and cleaned in our factory in Montfort, the Netherlands. By making smart adjustments to the 6000 ton/year industrial plastic washing/recycling line of Stiphout Plastics, we are able to clean plastics that are polluted with frying oils. The industrial plastic recycling line consists of four stages:

  1. Wet grinding: the cleaned plastic bottles are shredded to 1 cm flakes.
  2. Washing: using waste water from the nearby waste site and our patent pending cleaner, the shredded plastics are cleaned in a specifically designed washing unit. Water, oil and cleaner are afterwards separated to limit waste of materials.
  3. Separating: Using a fresh batch of water, the flakes are separated in a fraction that floats (PP and PE) and a fraction that sinks.
  4. Drying: The fractions are fed to the rotation dryer, a large centrifuge. Clean and dry flakes are packed in bigbags and shipped to be re-used in production processes.

Sophisticated ecofriendly technology

The Stiphout Plastics factory uses waste water and certified green energy from gas generated at the waste disposal site, where the factory is located.

The liquids (water, oil and cleaner) are separated using sophisticated separation technology. In that way we can re-use the cleaning agent and supply the purified oil to biofuel producers.

This cleaning process is operated at room temperature to minimize the energy demand. The efficient separation processes ensures that the cleaning agent can be efficiently used time after time.

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