The company

TUSTI is an ambitious high tech recycling company, founded in 2015 by the cooperation of Eindhoven University of Technology Holding and Stiphout (Stiphout Industries, Stip Recycling and Stiphout Plastics). In those companies, experience in plastic recycling and high tech knowledge at University level are brought together. This combination brings unique chances to create value from waste streams and increase the recycling potential of plastic waste.

The founders of TUSTI

TUSTI is founded by Jan Kolijn, chemical engineer, and Eline Stiphout, commercial entrepreneur.

Jan Kolijn

Jan Kolijn | CTO

Jan Kolijn is a chemical engineer with a strong drive towards results from innovation. Working for PTG/e, he guided more than 50 SMEs in the past 5 years to improve their processes or solve technological problems. Being TUSTI CTO, he is responsible for all technology, process improvement, patents/IP and the daily business in the TUSTI lab.

  • Phone: +31 (0)407517655
  • Mobile: +31 (0)651629794
  • E-mail: jan@tusti.nl
Eline Stiphout

Eline Stiphout | CEO

The Stiphout family (Stiphout Plastics) is well known in plastic recycling and represents more than 30 years of experience in trading and recycling of plastics. Eline Stiphout is TUSTI CEO. She's a commercial entrepreneur who grew up with recycling and has a keen eye for value in plastics. She's responsible for buying and selling the plastics, logistics and financial affairs.

TUSTI mission and ambitions

Jan and Eline are both raised in a world that approaches its limits in energy demand and social welfare. Both are well aware of the social and environmental responsibility of entrepreneurs. As founders of TUSTI, they want to contribute to maintaining the quality of life for current and future generations. To do so, TUSTI limits itself to using only harmless, environmental friendly cleaning agents and uses waste water and electricity generated at the nearby waste site. Additionally, TUSTI intends to hire people with poor job prospects to work in the cleaning factory and logistics.

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